Thursday, May 27, 2010

thursday letters

The Kid
Kindergarten Class of 2010

Dear Kid,
Congratulations on graduating from kindergarten! I know you have done so well in school and I only hope that you carry your love for learning with you throughout the rest of your life. You make me proud. And I loved that you were the only one bee-bopping to the song that your class sang.
Love you always,

Dear Snugglebug,
Your daddy spoils you and I'm quite alright with that. I love that he has a partner to go eat Chinese food with. I hope you two remain this close, even thru those crazy moody teenage years.
Love you always,

Dear Husband,
Its about darn time you came home! We have all missed you. I hate that I get "used to" you being gone. Life is much better with you here.
I love you more than being the remote control holder,

Dear Summer,
Its nice to see you again. My flip flops have missed you. I could do without your humidity, but if it means spending days at the pool then I'm game.
Sweaty and Lovin It,

Dear Summer Vacation,
Are you here yet?!?!?! We've been anxiously planning YOU for mooonths now. Hurry and get here. We all need it. We NEED you! I'm so happy that we'll be able to surprise the kiddos with a trip to *DISNEYWORLD* while we're enjoying you.
Giddy with Anticipation,

Dear Pediatrician,
We have a six year old check up tomorrow. You are always so chillaxed and I never have many questions for you, but be prepared. Tomorrow I will be THAT parent.
Billions of Questions,

Dear Friend that will not be named here,
You are really no good for me. I feel like you pushed your way into my life and at a time when I was lonely and I let you. You have a miserable attitude and I don't like being around you. I've tried to stick it out since we have been through some traumatic stuff together, but I'm not so sure I can anymore. I'm slowly slipping away and I kind of like it. I'll be praying for you to find the happiness you deserve.
Waving the white flag,

Dear Fat K,
No Exercise + Unhealthy food = you. You know what you need to do. DO IT!
Pumping Myself Up,

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