Thursday, May 27, 2010

thursday letters

The Kid
Kindergarten Class of 2010

Dear Kid,
Congratulations on graduating from kindergarten! I know you have done so well in school and I only hope that you carry your love for learning with you throughout the rest of your life. You make me proud. And I loved that you were the only one bee-bopping to the song that your class sang.
Love you always,

Dear Snugglebug,
Your daddy spoils you and I'm quite alright with that. I love that he has a partner to go eat Chinese food with. I hope you two remain this close, even thru those crazy moody teenage years.
Love you always,

Dear Husband,
Its about darn time you came home! We have all missed you. I hate that I get "used to" you being gone. Life is much better with you here.
I love you more than being the remote control holder,

Dear Summer,
Its nice to see you again. My flip flops have missed you. I could do without your humidity, but if it means spending days at the pool then I'm game.
Sweaty and Lovin It,

Dear Summer Vacation,
Are you here yet?!?!?! We've been anxiously planning YOU for mooonths now. Hurry and get here. We all need it. We NEED you! I'm so happy that we'll be able to surprise the kiddos with a trip to *DISNEYWORLD* while we're enjoying you.
Giddy with Anticipation,

Dear Pediatrician,
We have a six year old check up tomorrow. You are always so chillaxed and I never have many questions for you, but be prepared. Tomorrow I will be THAT parent.
Billions of Questions,

Dear Friend that will not be named here,
You are really no good for me. I feel like you pushed your way into my life and at a time when I was lonely and I let you. You have a miserable attitude and I don't like being around you. I've tried to stick it out since we have been through some traumatic stuff together, but I'm not so sure I can anymore. I'm slowly slipping away and I kind of like it. I'll be praying for you to find the happiness you deserve.
Waving the white flag,

Dear Fat K,
No Exercise + Unhealthy food = you. You know what you need to do. DO IT!
Pumping Myself Up,

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


May 25, 2004






May 25, 2010

6 years of YOU!!! 6 years to love you, to know you, to laugh with you, to laugh BECAUSE of you, to watch you grow, to watch you learn, to jump for joy in your accomplishments even if its something like blowing a bubblegum bubble. 6 years of being YOUR mommy.
Happy Birthday my 6 year old boy!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

thursday letters

Dear Husband,
So sorry I didn't feel like talking yesterday. I was worn thin. I hope today's chat more than made up for it. I miss you!
Forever you Wife,

Dear Marriage Ref,
I'm rolling in laughter every Thursday night!! Thank you for showing real (and sometimes quite insane) couples and their "issues". Thank you for feeling free to poke fun out in the open! It surely makes me seem a little more normal to my husband. At least I don't label my socks!!!
Side Split,

Dear Kid,
I'm only letting you sleep in my bed tonight because when you do, you sleep longer in the morning. Please don't disappoint.
Sleepy Mom,

Dear Grown Women that share a bathroom on the 2nd floor of my office building,
Grossed out on floor 2,

Dear Snugglebug,
Why does it take you an hour and a half to fall asleep? No wonder you are a bear to wake up. You are becoming more and more like me every day.
Sweet Dreams,

Dear Charger,
I love you. I've loved you for 2 1/2 months. I love you even more after driving Husband's car for a few days. I hope you enjoyed your break from Veggie Tales and Wow Wow Wubzy. I know you secretly enjoy me blaring the Dixie Chicks all.the.time. Thank you for maintaining that new car smell and for having that powerful "VROOM" when I start the engine. You are so fun!
Driving Happy,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The kiddos and I survived their first tornado last night! WHEW! It really wasn't that bad where we live, though in our state any tornado is scary. I lived through the infamous May 3rd tornado and every since then, its really changed the way we Oklahomans view tornadoes. I'd like the thing that on the whole, we take the warnings far more seriously.
I had just turned on the news while the kids were playing in the bath when my mother-in-law called. I told her we would come over after dinner. But after their bath, it was looking ugly out, so we packed up and made the long trip ... 2 streets over! We were there about 2 minutes when the sirens were going off. We managed to get my car and their cars all in the garage. And went straight to the closet. And then the power went off.
Kid was scared. Really scared. I told him I wouldn't leave him. Snugglebug thought it was fun and said in her wannabeteenagertalk "I'm not even scared". Oiy! That girl.
We were in the closet for about a minute and it was over. And I must say, its kind of a rush coming out to survey the damage. All the neighbors are out and about, sharing their stories. Thankfully we got by with no damage at all and the neighbors had minimal damage. It could have been worse, and it was a lot worse for others in our state.
So, we survived. We still have no electricity at my house, although the in-laws' power came back on last night. What a night.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

I didn't buy my mom a card for Mother's Day. I did not get her flowers. I did not take her to dinner. I didn't even call. I meant to get a card. I did. I just put it off until it was too late.
We've never been close. Sure we can chit-chat about stuff in our lives, mostly superficial and definitely NOTHING deep, nothing emotional. .. Ever. I don't know why that is. Its just always been that way. And quite frankly I'm done being sad about it or wanting it to change. It is the way it is. HOWEVER. I will. NOT. let that be how things are between my children and me. Now, I know my children and I may go through rough times where I am just the last person on earth that they want to tell something to, but in general, I want them to be able to talk to me, to cry on my shoulder, to know without a doubt in their minds or hearts that I love them. That I'll love them forever.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

thursday letters

Dear Kindergarten Teacher:
Thank you for loving my kid so and teaching him to read and write and all that important math stuff. You rock.
I appreciate you,

Dear Boss:
I've heard the story 4 times already. Next time I'll stop you and just tell YOU your story.
Heard it,

Dear Right Arm and Hand:
I don't know what's wrong with you. You hurt me. I don't like your severe coldness, I don't like that you interfere with my texting and blogging and facebooking while I'm at work. I don't have time to deal with dr visits and tests and blah, blah, blah....

Dear Mail Lady:
You are super nice and sweet, but for the love of all things sacred, could you please not slam the door
Sensitive Ears,

Dear Kid:
You're almost 6. Please stop getting older. I can't take it.
Teary Mommy,

Thank you for the inspiration!!!
New Reader,

Dear Husband:
I miss you. Sometimes being an Army wife stinks. But it makes me appreciate you when you are home. I love you.