Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Going back to the Homeland....

This is where I began. I don't remember a single thing about living here. I was 2 1/2 when my mom and I moved to Texas to live with my grandparents while my dad did a year tour in Korea. Then we moved to OK and well... the rest is history.
I haven't been to Florida in 27 1/2 years. And in about 48 hours I'll be landing in the homeland with the husband, the kid, and the snugglebug. We are "too excited to sleep"!!!
This will be the kid's third airplane ride and snugglebug's first. I have a feeling the little snugglebuggy will LOOOVE it. She really is the adventurous one, always telling her "bubbie" "it's okay, it's really not scary!" Oh, seriously love that girl. And on the other hand, I completely can relate to the kid. I'm usually telling him to be brave when I know without a doubt I'd be terrified too.
Our plans include, but are not limited to:
playing at the beach
going to a boardwalk or two
playing at the beach
playing at the beach
walking along the beach
getting tan on the beach
playing at the beach

I'm sure we'll be bringing back plenty of sand... whether we want to or not. ;)

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